Mohamed Yatim Bin Margi

Sense of fulfillment in helping and bringing people together.

I am usually the first person you meet when you come to JMC because other than my role as a Patient Relations Associate, I am also theSecurity Officer. I enjoy interacting with people and want to make sure that everyone who enters our doors, leaves with a good impression. I believe it is important to look out for everyone, regardless if they are our patients.

Occasionally, when we have members of the public coming to JMC for general health condition as they are not aware that this is a SpecialistMedical Centre, I will try my best to direct them to the nearest GP clinic at the nearby HDB block.

Once, there was an elderly man who came to JMC as he was feeling dizzy. Worried that he might fall, I quickly put him in a wheelchair and brought him to the GP clinic 10 minutes away. I assisted him to the registration counter and only left after I made sure that he was taken care of.

It is never a dull day at JMC and not uncommon for patients to leave things, big or small, behind in their hurry. One patient accidentally left her medication behind at JMC. By the time we found it, she was resting at home and about to leave for another appointment at the polyclinic. I thought she must be extremely tired going for medical appointments at 2 different locations on the same day, and offered to deliver the medication to her home after work. I waited outside her door for an hour until she returned home. I was tired, but knowing that she has her medication made me feel more at peace.

I have a habit of telling stories about how my day went and how I helped people. This probably inspired my daughter to join healthcare.Today, she is a Senior Service Team Leader at the Emergency Department.

I am also an informal “Kampong Chief” for the Malay community in my neighbourhood. Whenever someone needs help with funeral matters for example, they will contact me and I will assist the family by getting in touch with the funeral service and bringing the community together to pray. During festive occasions such as Hari Raya, I will also gather my neighbours to have a pot luck celebration at the void deck.

I get a great sense of fulfillment in helping and bringing people together. My friends and I will keep the kampong spirit alive so that whenever times are bad, we can help each other.
Mohamed Yatim Bin Margi

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The Ng Teng Fong General Hospital (NTFGH) and Jurong Community Hospital (JCH) are members of the National University Health System (NUHS), a leading academic health system and one of three public healthcare clusters in Singapore.

Known as the JurongHealth Campus, NTFGH and JCH are Singapore’s first integrated healthcare development designed and built together from the ground up. Designed around the patients’ needs, the twin development enables NTFGH patients who no longer require acute care to be easily transferred to rehabilitate and recuperate in JCH. Both hospitals are also managed by one healthcare team to facilitate integration at all levels to enable better patient care, greater efficiency and convenience. NTFGH is also the first in Singapore and ASEAN to attain HIMSS EMRAM Stage 7, with JCH at HiMSS EMRAM Stage 6 – an achievement which recognises hospitals with the highest level of adoption and utilisation of electronic medical record functions.

As part of an integrated academic health system, NTFGH and JCH, in collaboration with partners in the healthcare continuum, aims to transform healthcare to deliver holistic and seamless patient-centred care.

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