She is my one any only mama.

The moment I knew about what had happened to her, I felt very bad. As if the sky had fall on me. As if it is the end of the world. At the age of 46 my mama had been diagnosed with cancer. Even though she seems to be strong outside but I know she's not. She just be strong outside so her family will continue our lives like usual. I just could not stand looking at her in pain. However, I wont let her know how sad and pain I am to see her like this. She is my one and only mama. No one could replace her place in my life. I regret of not eating her cooking as much as I can just because i wanted to diet all the time, and now I cannot taste her cooking anymore as she doesn't have that much energy to cook like last time. But I know its still not too late to apologies her now. At my 21st birthday I say thanked to her for bringing me to this world for the first time in 21 years, and I wanted her to know that I am still thankful to her to bring me to this world. I never stop to be thankful to you every single day, even though I never mentioned it in front of you. I am sorry for all my mistakes and you will always be my Number 1. I love you till the end of the world. Thank you again mama.

Mohd Zaim Dzulkarnain bin Rosli