Nadia J

A simple person with a beautiful heart.

As I reach a quarter of century, and I slowly begin to realise the sacrifices need in raising a child - I cannot thank mother enough for bringing me into this world. Praise the Almighty for giving me life through her.

We fight often because of our difference in opinions for just so many things - I don't even want to get started. Now that I've got marriage plans up -it's a total nightmare I promise you. But other than that - she's a simple person with a beautiful heart. She has NEVER asked my dad for materialistic things - jewellery, expensive handbags etc. She lives within her means and saves up for our little overseas getaways, even when she barely works. She has a small circle of friends from the mosque and some from her childhood - and she's content. And that's perfect. Not the kind who will go out and "enjoy" without my dad. They are inseparable, and they still hold hands wherever they go. #goals

But apart from our differences, we share many similarities too. We both know it but we don't really express too well. She's got a great side of her which not many see. And being very much a family girl - I'd do anything to protect her and my family.

She's everything compact in one body - my alarm clock when I sleep past my usual wake up time, my fashion consultant before I leave home, my "loan shark" when I get a little broke, my shopping partner and makan kaki. Growing up, I witnessed her getting ill treated from her mother in law (aka my Grandmother) who doesn't see her in the same light as the other daughter in laws. I remember once, my grandma accused her of something really bad over the phone - she ended the conversation crying so bad and it broke my heart, even as a 10 year old then. Of course, I never saw my grandma the same again after that. Of course, I'd forgiven her but it just hurts to see your mom suffering injustice, and be defamed.

Last year, my grandma fell really ill, and tragically none of her biological daughter and sons(except my dad and Mom) was willing to take care of her. My mom quit her part time job to take care of her fully. She put aside the pain from the past and focused on wanting to see my grandma well again. I saw her heart so clearly in this situation - so pure, so white like a newborn. I can only pray for Paradise to be granted to her in every single one of my prayers.

The same person who ill-treated her, is the same person whom she is now changing diapers for, bathing for, and feeding food to. Never once did she complain. My grandma has since recovered, alhamdulillah.

Mom recently fostered a two year old boy whose mom is in prison for a drug offence. She's got a big heart didn't I tell you? Now that boy is the light of our lives. Everything in life happens for a reason and our family believe He places people in our life for a better good.

I cannot imagine a life without mom. I'd go through the pain of our petty arguments if that makes her happy. She taught me the value of forgiveness even when people don't deserve it. She taught me the value of this temporary life. She taught me how to act and respect inside and outside of the family. And for that, I cannot thank her enough.

I haven't been the greatest daughter but let me make you and Ayah happy always okay? I wanna take you two to perform the Hajj one day if God permits. In Sha Allah.

It doesn't only take Mother's Day for me tell you I love you, Mama❤️ (and paps)
Nadia J