When you start, you won’t want to stop.

Dance is a form of Free speech using only our body parts to create movement, it can relate strong emotions when a piece is really done up well, for example a sad song with slow steps, a happy song with fast steps, every single beat of the music and step counts to make it work. Anyone can dance wether or not they want to, its in their heart, mind, body and soul to express how they feel about themselves or about others whether its for their personal lives or for an audience. Personally, i feel that music and dance makes people come together as one from all over the world therefore the diversity is there and it doesn't matter from which background, religion or race you come from because when you start you won't want to stop. Doing it can be for passion, hobby or for fun. Therefore, if not for Felix huang from Radikal Forze Crew in Singapore whom has build up the dance community here in Singapore catering to all kinds of genre and people of all ages, we won't have a stage or platform to actually go to enjoy just being ourself and attending events unlike any other. So as we grow bigger and better each year with the RF Jam, we are making peace at the same time for the society to accept that its a norm to have people battling each other in a positive way and come back being happy still wether or not its a win or lose for groups and individuals. So in other words, we are fighting within ourselves and not hurting others by gaining more confidence to get away from more depression, self-esteem issues or bad directions in life etc.
Nasita Nasrul