I want to be a hero for my family.

I want to be a hero for my family.
I was an adventurous kid. I wanted to know how to struggle but still make it home. With busking, I found something different. Something tough. Something that makes me feel stronger. It feels good when you get people’s attention and support when you do something you enjoy.

But when I was younger, it was really scary busking with my dad. Sometimes you want to reach the high notes and your voice cracks. People laugh at you really hard, so hard you just wanna quit. Eyes are everywhere. Your heart pounds. Negativities were very common then.

Despite all this, my dad still comes home every day and feeds the family. People think I’m some hero helping out my dad but that wasn’t my intention. I don’t understand why people think my dad is helpless just because he is blind.

Looking back, these are the things that made us stronger. No matter what people say, just keep doing it. No excuses. That’s what my dad did. He’s the hero I want to be.