Noor Hanifah bin Husain

The world would be better if we respect others.

Discrimination or disrespecting different person based on their nature of origin is on the cruel or rude thing that a person could possibly speak of.

From my thoughts, I'm one of the victims where does people have disrespected me based on my appearance or my age of personality. From this I have learned that disrespecting is one the lessons we learn when we ourselves disrespecting other people and realizing we are doing the same thing.

In conclusion, I think the world would be better if we respect others without judging who they are.


Photo Description:-

Title: The Indian Girl

“The Indian Girl” shows a story of an Indian girl’s life. The color mixture of dark and bright shows her life having ups and downs. Her dark skin shows how the society or the public think of every Indian girl. The blue color on the girl face shows her sadness she is facing everyday but she tends to cover over her face to not show the world. The black and red color below the painting shows that she has enemies and rumours behind her back. The peacock feather above the girl shows the girl is beautiful and brave. Overall this painting explains how an Indian girl lives everyday in her life, sacrificing her dreams for her family, doesn’t care what the world says and being brave among her enemies.

Noor Hanifah bin Husain

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Noor Hanifah bin Husain