I almost quit my university life.

as an engineering student, I almost quit my university life. when I was in year 1, I barely pass and with everyone in my class pass he exam, I only score 2.07 pointer which is really bad. I did not tell my parents about this and locked myself in my own bedroom for days and have this kind of perasaan to suicide. got called by my university to join in for a camp. good things,I passed with flying color the upcoming sem. however, I lost myself again after that, my pointer went down again. they blocked my scholarship and all, I told my parents.... and the things is that they can accept it. they even give me advice and shown support to me. what I want to share here is that, takes time or gives time to yourself. share your problems with the person closed to you. it must be hard for you too but please have faith.. you can do this!!! ^^
Nur Ain Nabila Musa