Being a domestic helper is not easy, but Aidha has changed my life.

My name is Nur Aini, from Indonesia. I came here to Singapore in 2001 when I was 19 years old and still harboring dreams then. My parents are farmers, I had attended University in Indonesia, studied accounting, but I left after six months because my parents couldn’t afford to pay the fees, and furthermore I had two younger siblings in high school.

I got married early against my parent’s wishes. My husband didn’t earn enough money to support the family. That is why I came to Singapore to work. However, my husband left me subsequently, and now I am a single mother taking care of my son and my parents.

While in Singapore, I decided to attend some courses to keep myself busy and tried to focus on my son’s future.

Back in 2011 when I joined Aidha, I was very shy because I am Indonesian, while most of my classmates were from the Philippines. They were already able to speak English very well. Despite my fears, I tried to befriend and communicate with them with my broken English. Now, I think my English has improved a lot! I made many friends who have different skill and different attitudes, and I have learned from each and every one.

Although I graduated 4 years ago, I am still involved with Aidha . I am a volunteer who support the Sunday operations in the Aidha campus. Students, mentors and other staff inspired me a lot .

I face different challenges every Sunday, but I am happy with that. With those experiences now I can communicate better with different people. My communication skill has improved a lot!

Now whenever Aidha ask me to do speeches like during the Volunteer Orientation or other events, I can do it confidently. Aidha is my second home in Singapore, and whenever I go to the campus I feel very happy. Especially when students tell me about their good experiences in Aidha, I feel very proud of them. The students have all inspired me to work very hard.

My future plan is to build an English school in my village, because education is really important for the young generation.

Being a domestic helper is not easy, but Aidha has changed my life.

Thank you everybody, because you have all made me a better person.
Nur Aini