Nur Azlinda Azman

Skin colour or bloodline does not define us differently as sisters

Being Inside A Mixed Race- Single Clique!

At the age of 25, the expectations of getting married, welcoming babies, having a successful career and properties are what dreams are made of. It is also a part of social convention of our generic youngsters. Some people are blessed with “the whole-package spouses”, some are blessed with good fortune, some are blessed with pink of health and sometimes, some are blessed with a circle of irreplaceable friendship. You can’t always get the whole thing because that’s just break the system but just more than enough to live day by day with good memories before your demise. This is the part where the “some people” includes my girls and i.
Being single with them throughout primary and secondary schools teaches me the importance of having your friend’s back. This include when you brought illegal items to school, didn’t finish yesterday’s Biology homework or when Ainur keeps on breaking the test tubes during Chemistry experiments. It also includes a compulsory tour at the local hawker stalls for keropok and air soya plastik for membawang session at the longkang nearby our school. Yeap, we surely did that for 10 years.

Being single with them throughout varsity means life is not always with rainbows. You have more time to visit Renu in the hospitals for treatments, you have more phone calls about break ups, you have time to make visit when Ainur’s mom passed away. More than ever, you have time to console Maryam when her family is leaving for Pakistan for a few months and she is feeling stressful with patients and medical exams.

Being single with them throughout working days teaches me a lil bit of kindness is what it takes. Giving countless motivation to others when she (Saufiah) herself are working her ass off in the law firm. Being more patient than others even when she (Renu) used to be discriminated in her workplace. Being more tolerance when we failed to meet her because she (Maryam) knows our hectic schedule. Being an adaptive person when she (Ainur) should belongs in another field of expertise. Being the good listener even when she (Larry) has her own problems. And just then, i realized we are like a melting pot of emotions and lives. Whether she is an Indian or Chinese or Pakistan, it doesn’t matter. Because by the end of the day, we are conveying messages and feelings in language form , not through races, religions or beliefs. We are connecting towards one other through laughter, tears, screams and countless fights as a circle of single people. We are celebrating our single days without an ounce of ill thinking about one another or supremacism. We are just a tiny clique in the billions of people that tries to bind this sisterhood as long as we could because being single with one another at this moment is too precious and priceless. Skin colour or bloodline does not define us differently as sisters.
Nur Azlinda Azman