Nurul Aini

My children have been my most precious gifts.

From the moment I first held my son in my arms, I realized the responsibility and honour that I had been entrusted. He would change my life and I am accountable for his. As a child, it is only natural for him to be impressed by me. My every action, good or otherwise, would influence him. I have to be the best I could be, to be a good role model to him. Life predictably changed for me, for the better. Both my children have inspired me this way, to be a better person.

When Shan was a newborn, my life took a sudden change, even though I had prepared months before to bring him into this world. I had to learn things quickly as the huge weight of responsibility falls down on me. I must not crumble, as that would fail me as a mother. That experience I will never forget. That whole process made me the stronger person I am today.

My children are different from each other in their character. Shan is more loving and doting whereas Shaista has a more fiery character. But kids being kids, they sure have their ‘moments’ where they will get all whiny and difficult. And challenging moments like this, I feel, had made me a more patient and forgiving person. Even my husband thinks so too, as we are now less engaged into little squabbles than before.

As they grow, I began to realize the talent they have in them. Shan is more like me, inclined into acting and drama. On the other hand, Shaista has love for dance and music, more like her father. Seeing my children discover their talents reminded me of my own passion, which reignite the fire in me and made me pursue my passion even more, by being better at what I do as an artiste.

As a working mother, I have inevitably lesser time to spend with my children. Whatever time I have with them, I make the best use of it. I think of creative ways to keep them joyful with fun-filled activities. I learn to stretch myself to the fullest to meet the children’s needs.

Everything I do now feels like it is for them. I work even harder now just so that I hope to be able to give them a better life and a better future. They changed my life so much and bring the best out of me. When things go wrong, I look to them to keep me strong and to pull me through. My children have been my most precious gifts, and I have been enriched by the love that they have inspired me.

My kids, they bring sunshine to days that are cloudy and they bring rainbows to days that are grey.
Nurul Aini