I find it very challenging to do anything I like.

What/who brings the best in me

Not having a very high self-esteem, people always judge me and say that I cannot stand up on my own feet and speak up for myself. Often, they look down on me and in some occasions, they criticize me. Also, I am sometimes an outcast. I find it very challenging to do anything that I like. I felt that whatever I desired is being taken away from me. Furthermore, sometimes, I feel that I cannot rise to my fullest potential as people do not have faith that I can do a good job despite the fact that I practised regularly for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. It was as though all my hard work had gone down the drain. However, all those challenges and obstacles did not prevent me from getting up and moving on in life. These two songs, Unbreakable by Faydee and Masterpiece by Jessie J has always inspired me and get me motivated. Lyrically, the songs explain that no one can bring you down and they'll see the best of you some day. I'm also thankful to my friends, family members and those around me for encouraging me to do my best and giving me their fullest support.

Nurul is part of a two year long art project by artist Alecia Neo titled Unseen: Constellations. In this project she's been mentored by Zaidi Sabtu-ramli, a professional musician and composer, has helped to transcribe her original music, “A Happy and Relaxing Day” for a symphonic band to play! Inspired by her childhood memories at her grandfather’s kampung in Malaysia, Nurul’s music recalls moments such as experiencing the joys and sensations of water surrounding her during an unexpected flood. Through her music, Nurul was also invited to perform her piece with the Singapore Polytechnic band during their annual concert, where she had the experience of performing her music live on stage for the very first time.

Photo from Unseen Art Ltd.
Nurul Natasha