Omar Faruque

An Expatriate Father

An Expatriate Father
When a child asks his father, “Dad, why did you go abroad? When are you coming back?”
Every father feels torments inside hearing that. They have no answer to give. I do feel the same when my child asks me that. That day, I was silent for some moment. The words flew in my head and bumped around the walls of my head, but I could not gather myself.
After taking a pause, I said, “I will bring many kinds of toys, bicycle and dolls for you. To buy all of these, I came abroad. When I finished buying all of these, I will come home my dear. Then you and I will play along with all the toys. So much fun we will have! “
“I don’t want anything Dad.” He said in a weeping-like tone.
“Our neighbour Bindu’s father bought her many toys, even Rimon’s father gave him a bicycle. Rimon never lets me touch it.”
My eyes were full of tears but they didn’t fall. I gathered myself.
“It’s ok. Do not despair. I will come home soon. I will bring you to the village fair and we will eat Chatpati (চটপটি) together.”
My boy said, “The fair has ended. You won’t see it when you arrive here. You know, dad? Mom bought me a pistol gun. The fair has many toys like this. But mom does not buy me things. Mom said, ‘If your Dad gives money, I will buy it’.”
“Okay, my dear. I will take you to the zoo, and I will buy you all the toys.”
“Nah. I don’t want to go. If you come quickly, I will go out with you. Dad, tell me when you will come back. “
Droplets of tears form on my eyes.
I told my son with a heavy heart, “I will come as soon as you are in Class Two.”
He said, “I am already in Class Two Dad. When are you coming?”
I could not continue the argument with my son.
“Just after two days.” I said.
“Mom, Dad is coming after two days. Wow! What a merry!”
I could not no longer hold back my tears. I hung up the phone.
Every expatriate father consoles his child with false promises, and goes to bed. But they can’t sleep. He consumes the night with anxiety and stress. Let all the expatriate fathers be happy. Let their children be safe and sound.
Omar Faruque