Pamelia and Wex

The best of Pamelia and Wex.

Every month, Pamelia and Wex will bring strangers together for a dinner. They would prepare the food themselves and share it with people who have nothing else in common, except for the universal longing for connection (and delicious food).

No phones, no rush, just the simple idea of good food and conversations in the cool night air. Watch the video to see why this is The Best of Pamelia and Wex.

Started by Pixie Tan, 30 Minutes Breather hopes to remind all of us to take a pause from our busy lives and just do stuff we like.

Music: Lost Weekend- On A Sunday (
Director/ Producer: Pixie T (link:
Director of Photography/ Editor: Tariq Mansor (
Colourist: Zulhairi (
Sound Design: Tan Peikai (
Pamelia and Wex