Together, we can indeed make a difference!

Like the old adage, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, it is undeniable that we sometimes get so caught up with work that we barely make time to create short conversations with our fellow colleagues. The recent team building getaway experience was exhilarating and had given us a new perspective on the importance of teamwork. We had the time our lives going through adventures ranging from unforgettable white-water rafting voyage to paintball ninjas wannabe and the ultimate cave discovery experience. These lifetime adventures have not only left us with wonderful memories but certainly rooted positive values in us. Colleagues that were once merely hi-bye friends became close knits. We made discovery of hidden talents and found the best in everybody. Most importantly, we learned that when the team stays connected, we can demonstrate better performance. From a personal viewpoint, it was pretty amazing to witness the level of perseverance, team players’ commitments, the ability to deal with adversity, the constant morale supports and care provided through our shared times together. Continue to keep up with high energy and good team spirits, peeps! Together, we can indeed make a difference! :) #group2teambuilding
Pearline Ng