Making amigurumi is like making my dreams come true.

Hi all! My friend invited me to talk about my hobbies : crocheting. I made clothes, hats, bottle carriers etc and most of the time, amigurumi. Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crocheting stuffed toys. It might sound new to many people out there. By the way, how did I start picking up this hobby?

I learned the basic skills of knitting and crocheting at a shop during secondary school holidays with my friends. We had made blouses and small sling bag. Wow, that was more than 15 years ago! However, yarns & tools cost quite a sum of money for a student. So, I dropped the hobby for many years since then.

Until two years back, I felt too much boredom in my routine working life. So, I decided to pick up the hobby again to make life more interesting. I bought books, searched through websites and watched Youtube videos to learn the skills all over again. Currently, I focus on crocheting only as it’s easier to me.

Last year on my birthday, my best friend bought me a book on amigurumi. It did not look easy as different parts of the toy need to be crocheted separately and sewn on later with some techniques. Various accessories such as embroidery thread, polyester stuffing and safety eyes need to be used too. However, I managed to produce my very first amigurumi which is a slim lazy cat. No words could describe my happiness and satisfaction at that magical moment!

From that day onwards, I have made quite a number of toys based on books or free online patterns. I would not say my skills and toys are perfect but compliments & encouragement from friends make me happy and motivated to try out new patterns and items.

Some are still asking why I like this time-consuming hobby. Well, I don’t really know actually. I have never thought of giving up amigurumi although it takes up a lot of time and patience. Maybe it's the wonderful feeling of turning a ball of yarn & fiberfill into a toy? Or the calm & comfort feeling with the repetitive stitches? Or simply because it's a quiet activity?

Making amigurumi is like making my dreams come true.
Making amigurumi for others is like helping them to have dreams come true.
Teaching others crocheting & amigurumi is like teaching them to make their dreams come true.
Appreciate every tiny bits of happiness in life. :)
Pei Pei Chung