Phebe Lim

My best friend in every sense of the world.

I have come to realization that my grandmother has become my best friend in every sense of the word.

Unlike other grandmothers, she used to brought me into the jungle located around Upper Thomson Road. She always said, "Durians are gonna drop whenever they're ready, and you have to make the effort to get yourself to the right place.".

She taught me how to identify and dig sweet potatoes using bare hands, this will prevent hurting the roots. She even taught me how to set fire with just branches, barks, leaves and the sunlight. I tend to get tired easily and start to laze around. She will then start to tickle me and force me to do it until i succeed. She say we should learn how to survive with bad situations and never give up easily.

I always run to her arms when I had a bad day, complaining how bad the people are treating me out there. She will lift a grin across her face and said, "No matter how bad the person treat you, be good to them cos' they might be having the toughest time of their life. Forgive them, for they didn't mean to be so harsh. And if they don't appreciate, treat them even better. Just try again and again, one day they will realize your sincerity.".

I reflect on all the other great nuggets of advice she has taught me. Sometimes we leave an impact on others without even realizing the difference we make, my grandma has taught me a lot about living. She will always be the best of me, love you grandma!

Cheng Ah Moy, you are the best!
Phebe Lim