I felt the saddest thing in the world now is about the lost of humanity.

We always have a concept in mind: Don't talk to strangers, don't help them. Yes, it is true that the world is 'scarier' now compared to last time. Crime happens anywhere, anytime, surrounding us, always and unpredictable. But does it mean we can become a cold blood and ignore everything happens around you?

My story here is about a courier service delivery man delivered a parcel to me on yesterday night. As my housing area is quite out skirt from city, so I guess the delivery man is quite new and he can't find my house. He called me to ensure my address is correct. Lastly, he found my house and I get my parcel safely. Actually he had another parcel to send which is near to my house when he showed me the doorplate, therefore I asked my father whether he may know the house location. My dad just told him roughly with impatient tone. The delivery man said he was trying to call the person but the person refuse to pick up the phone call and even messaged him something rude. He then showed me that he left the last one to send in this area as he needs to go back Johor later on. My intention was to help him to get job done faster so he can go home faster as heading to Johor needs at least 3 hours distance from my house. Therefore I used my phone to call the person and the person refused to pick up my phone call as well. My dad came to me and said, "Girl, please close the door and come in faster, don't bother on the Malay guy! " Then the delivery man felt awkard and felt sorry to disturb me after my dad shouted to me, he asked to step into house. Then he keeps thanking me that he never realize there will be someone helping him as he said many people don't believe him when he calls anyone.

Many people refused to pick up strangers call or even help strangers as they are worry on self safety. Worrying on self safety is important, but the problem now is seeing them in a double standard. Yes, we want the parcel, yet we want to criticize them. It is unfair to them as they are doing their job as well. The world now has changing and many crimes happen around us and therefore we should always be wary of strangers. However, sometimes we should be looking on the situation with the alert in mind. Since we were young, the moral class teacher has taught us since we were young: we should give our helping hand to someone in need; but it doesn't seem applicable now.

I sincerely hope that everyone can change the world together to a more beautiful and peaceful world regardless race, gender, position or age by looking at humanity and people first.

Phyliss Ong