Phyliss Ong

A result doesn't mean your whole life.

This colorful hut photo was taken in Whitby, UK, with a truly depress emotion which equals to black and white feeling. However, it turned colorful and cheerful at last.

I studied in UK last summer, period of 3 months only. Before I went to UK, I studied very hard and was a pretty good student in the eyes of every lecturers during my study time in Malaysia. Unfortunately, I get a very bad and nearly fail result for my first assignment in UK which I never thought before. I closed myself in my room, cried badly because of the result.

Next day, I traveled to Whitby as I have bought the ticket early. Physically I traveled with bunch of friends, but mentally end up walking alone. I keep thinking of the first assignment.
'Am I that bad?'
'I am not hardworking enough?'
'Is my English level doesn't reach the expectation?'
'Why am I so useless?'
'How am I going to face all my family members because they spent a lot for me to study overseas?'

At last, I lead myself to the blind alley.

While walking on the path, a granny asked me,
"Girl, welcome to Whitby, where are you come from?"
"I am from Malaysia."
"Owh! You speak Bahasa?"
"Yes, I speak Mandarin as well. "

Afterwards, I started short conversation with her and told her about I was depressed by bad result. Granny said she is quite admiring people who know multiple languages because she only knows English. I never expect by knowing multiple languages will be admired by people.

On the way back to Liverpool, I sat in the bus, I told myself,
"Throw all the negativity, depression and bad mood away! Hey! Granny said it is just a result, a result doesn't mean your whole life! This is just a small turning point of my life, challenge me to face the problem while my family and friends not beside me. I am 22 years old, I should be able to face all the challenges."

Thank you lovely granny for cheering me. If you doesn't appear, I may not graduate today with excellent result. Till today, I regret I didn't take photo with you, but I still remember your smiley face and gave the courage for me to face all the challenges in my life to be the best of me.

This is the best of me and more will come. So, who is the best of you?
Phyliss Ong