Poovanes selvam

Thank you for holding my hands through the worse moments of my life.

Poovanes known as Pooneh(CAT IN TAMIL) was a pampered, bubbly and playful girl in the family. Taken care and brought up by my dad and grandparents.
In 2003 October 3, life took a toll on me after my grandfather passed on. I wasn’t sure of my career path. A kind soul named Mr. Vinesh gave me a letter to attend an interview at ITE Bishan for Nitec in Nursing course, saying given to my character, I will be suitable to be a nurse. I got in the course but struggled to complete the course due to my personal problems. At my late teens, I just wanted to complete the course and just cleared all my modules. I didn’t know how nursing career progression was neither what life would be after school. I was given the wrong impression that the diploma in nursing can be done in private as a part-time.
Once I entered the working world as an Enrolled Nurse, at a point of time I wanted to progress in my career. That was when I realized that the Diploma has no part-time. I told myself not to give up on myself and kept trying, My dad, good friends(Eswaran, Mr&Mrs Deen, Mr&Mrs Ganesh, Priya, Umax2,Sathya,Mr&Mrs Siva, Mr Balaji,, Fatimah, Geethan,Yogaraj, Maran, Mdm Theepa, Mdm Maryln Mdm Bhuvan and their family members), Rekha, my aunt Rajesh, Mr & Mrs Sundrum, Ms Devi amma kept encouraging me to keep trying. Still was not given a chance to upgrade.
In 10 years of my nursing career as an Enrolled Nurse, I have worked in Adult & Paediatrics surgical ward, Operating Theater and in the Emergency Department. I started contributing to child needs & welfare through MSF. Halfway through my career, I asked if I can volunteer to be a humanitarian for the poor and needy, I got brushed off by a senior that only Registered nurse is accepted, though she knew my working experiences. I was upset but I still continue to master my skills and learn from my colleagues.
In 2014 September life took a toll on me again. That very year taught me a painful lesson in my life. It was my 29th birthday that I saw my dad tore to me, worrying about my life & career progression. I told him about the overseas Nursing Diploma with a degree course, after considering he finally agreed to send me away to study. A few days later I had a call that my dad almost fainted. I rushed him to the hospital only to find out that he was critically ill. He was diagnosed with an abnormal lump in the pancreas. To add on, he had a weak health, diabetes and imbalance electrolytes. Surgeons said there were too many risks to this surgery, I might end up losing my dad. But having a lump in the pancreas can be equally dangerous.
During the heart-wrenching moments, I had to deal with my own setbacks. I had to pull myself together and took the strongest decision alone to send my dad for the high-risk emergency surgery. During then I had a wake-up call and realized how hard my dad has worked for us day and night providing a luxurious lifestyle. He has played duo roles of dad & mum in my life. He reads my heart through my eyes. He was a good example and role model of a good parent. Being the sole breadwinner of the family, he gave all he could in return for nothing but the best. He never pressured me for perfect grades instead want me to do & try my best. He supported me when everyone discriminated me.
During that period blessings came in after. First, I came to know that Enrolled Nurse with working experience can join CBSEN- Certificate of bridging studies for enrolled nurses. I applied and got accepted. Secondly, I met a DR KJ, who gets involved with relief camps. With the fear of rejection on my mind, I still went forward to ask him if an EN with experience could join relief camps. He smiled as long you have the heart and passion to serve though, in need, you can join. Your experience is there. He welcomed me with a warm heart to join Crisis Relief Singapore. I participated in Gensan Children camp and Nepal earthquake in 2015 April to May. I was blessed to help numerous less privileged, needy and injured ones. I survived the Nepal earthquake and got back to school.
After which I continued to complete CBSEN course and entered Ngee Ann Polytechnic for Diploma in health sciences. In these 3 years was another struggle. It was a full-time study. I faced so many challenges to complete my diploma. I almost got debarred, almost failed, low liquidity, I had to write in for fundings, help came in from everywhere before I got an offer from Sengkang General Hospital and I still confidently tell myself, calm down you can do this. I always pray. I met a couple of good lecturers who guided me well in this 3 years (Dr Abi, Dr Dave, Dr Anu, Dr Alpana,Mdm Liu, Mdm Song, Mr Rashid,Mr Naseer, Mr OH, Mdm Suzana,Mdm Lee,Mdm Jophia, Mdm Shanti, Mdm Lynette, Mdm menya, Ms celest,Mdm Clarissa, Mdm Tan Cheng har), CI Burton). They encouraged me and inspired me to grow in my career. The taught me resilience.
There were so many days i have broken down but I still move forward and do what is supposed to be done. I have spent so many late nights at macdonlds to revise. I ignored my health until I ended up in surgery. i sacrificed my social outings, a luxurious lifestyle to complete these studies. Thankfully I had understanding friends. Those who didn't, I didn't bother to explain. Because those who understand your absence, struggles will understand your situation too.
Today 7th May 2019 I graduated from Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Diploma in Health Science(nursing). Now after so many years of struggles I am a Registered Nurse.
Dad always says- In life there are ups and downs, not always we can be rich and doesn’t give us rights to look down on a poor person. Give and do things wholeheartedly and god will bless you with what you need. He planted good fundamental values in me. Taught me dharma, dhanam, justice, equality, integrity, respect, compassion, courage, perseverance and most importantly to follow my heart with freedom. Which helped me to pull through my struggles.
Dad, I just want you to know that your upbringing didn’t go wrong. And my late grandfathers have also brought me up well.
I am thankful & grateful for all those people I mentioned above. Thank you for holding my hands through the worse moments of my life. I pray to god that I must have more blessed moments with you.
Poovanes selvam