Prakash Daniel

Beards of Malaysia


Beards of Malaysia founder, Prakash Daniel has always been a fan of photographing people. What started out as a fun project of photographing his friends with beards, took a different outlook.

The project looks at the various ethnic groups that spot the beard. It also showcases lots of people from all walks of life. From professionals to foreign workers, the project has been very interesting. Beards are regarded differently in different parts of the world. There are many factors on why one keeps a beard. Religious, cultural or even a fashion statement, every beard is unique.

Beyond capturing striking portrait photographs of bearded men, Prakash Daniel also manages to get his subjects to tell him their stories. One of his photographs that are part of this project was one of the winners of the South East Asian entry of the Kuala Lumpur International Photo awards 2016.



Satvinder Singh hailed from New Delhi, India. This 39-year-old gentleman has been in Malaysia for the last five years. He works in the cow farm and sells the produce at the Sentul morning market. He said, "I have had the beard since young and it is part of my religion. I will be heading back home in a couple of years’ time after saving up."
Prakash Daniel