Puan Hafiza

Once you like what you are doing.

Our yearly Hari Raya Makan Makan Celebration is the most expected event in Soon Soon employees. As the organizer for this event, I need to coordinate meetings with all related departments in Soon Soon group to come out with different food manual for Hari Raya celebration. This year, we managed to gather together ( 70 ), seventy dishes and I personally prepared ( 6 ) of the dishes myself.

I just couldn’t believe that I have the passion to travel to ( 5 ), five different places to purchase all the needed raw materials to prepare for the chicken rendang, beef rendang, grilled mutton, grilled prawns, cendol and tomato rice dishes. All the raw materials require to be prepared early - the process of preparation was tedious... like cleaning the chicken, beef, mutton and prawns, preparing ingredients for marination and spices to make the rendang. The greatest challenge was to manage all the cooking and to complete it within the allocated time.

Time management, cooking skills, suitable cooking apparatus and full commitment is required to complete the tasks. So you could imagine the energy that was required to complete all the dishes before 9 am in the morning. I have to stay up late the night before till about 1 am, and have to arise early the next morning by 5 am to ensure I have enough time to cook the ( 4 ) pots of tomato rice and each pot require 30 minutes to complete.

I honestly put myself through tremendous pressure but I took it as a challenge to complete all of it within the time frame. Now I realize that , once you like what you are doing, you will do it to accomplish the task that others may not understand the reasons.

I guess, that is "The Best of You" .....I am very happy when people love my cooking and enjoy the food regardless being tired preparing everything and do not have time to enjoy the food myself.
Puan Hafiza