Mother is the greatest gift from God.

Mother is the greatest gift from God. Even God display jealousy on a mother's love as it is a pure love that bonds without any expectation or benefit. I grow up in village-remote area, where the sight of the outside world was a tale of fiction. Even our situation was quiet difficult, there stood a woman who woke's up every morning with a inspiring radiance that gives everyone in the family, a sense of courage and hope.

For starters, my Mother, is the out most definition of my life and hope. Despite of all the difficulties, she never fail to amuse me. Over the years, I have been through ups and downs in my life where at the end, I decide to giving up the journey, but there stood my Iron Lady, my Savior of Hope, who taught me what is life and how to overcome difficulties throughout the journey of Life. I always remember one of her sayings,"Whoever does wrong to you, do not exact revenge, instead do good deeds, even when the world turn against you, because soon or later, your true value will be appreciated".

" The value of the Sun is unknown to the dessert, but is greatly appreciated by the winter sky of the Northern pole".

Thank you mom, for your wonderful guidance, which has shaped me into a good human being. I promise to make you proud one day.
-Love, your son's & daughter's--Puven, Alvins, Yashwini and Danashree
Puveneswaran Ravendran