A world that would no longer be around in the distant future.

The Best of You movement deeply relates to my practice as an artist. As a Malaysian of mixed parentage living in a multicultural community in NibongTebal, Penang, I was exposed to different cultures, religions and ideologies from a young age. I remember as a child that these same notions of culture and identity were also constantly juxtaposed with what was depicted in Western movies, Japanese animation and Hong Kong dramas that I consumed.

I believe these experiences had lead me as an artist and as an individual to be very intrigued with the stories of humanity. I find myself gravitating towards personalities and stories that I am inspired by, collecting and weaving them into the overall narrative of a piece. I find the best way to do so is to be physically engaged in the art making process.

Often, I would find myself wandering the streets of a city in Malaysia. I would spend some time doing simple field research that could range from taking pictures of the place to talking with the local people. I would then return home to create my own personal myth as reflected through philosophical books that I consume to go along with the information that I had gathered. The piece would then be painted and completed as a cohesive whole, providing the viewer multiple stories to dissect into. Finally, I would age the piece to complete it. This is to convey the transience of things in life as these stories are a snapshot into a world that would no longer be around in the distant future.
R.J. Robert