I lost my leg to cancer.

I lost my leg to cancer.
I did not lose to cancer though. I won.
Many sleepless nights, the pain was unbearable. During that time I didn't know what was going on. The tumor that was with me for about 3 years, has caused me much problems. I was unable to bend my leg, run or do anything much.
I was finally diagnosed with Bone Cancer at the age of 13. Many people at that age will probably cry over a zit, or the loss of a boyfriend/girlfriend. Can you imagine losing a leg? It might be hard for you to adapt, right? The tumor has been growing in me for years, but overnight I lost 16 kg and a tumor. My leg was gone.
Throughout my hospital days, instead of moping around, I did other things to distract me, like, watching movies with my dad. Draw, sing and make a fool out of myself. Even the nurses would say I was so much more cheerful than other patients.
After 3 weeks, I finally left the hospital. I was afraid of what was going to happen outside of the hospital.
I got back to school not long after. I was afraid I was going to be judged by my friends and made fun of. Surprisingly, my friends were very supportive. I was showered with lots of love.
Even though people would stare at me and call me names at times. I’m blessed to be who I am today.
Rachel Nair