I found another place that I call home.

Just when I was about to ORD, my mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 Colorectal Cancer. As such, my post army plans were all put on hold as I focused my time more towards taking care of my mother. As time went on, my mother got better (she has fully recovered now) but I felt very drained and jaded. It was around this time when my JC classmate and good friend told me about the Hidden Good and one of the projects that he was heading (MP3 Experiment Singapore 2015). I have never heard of the Hidden Good before and decided to dip my toes by coming for their Thankful Thursday meet up. I was not prepared for what came next.

There were people from all walks of life: doctors, lawyers, students, and even some still in the army. Everyone had different backgrounds but all had one common goal, which was to bring out the good in society. I have always heard of groups like these but this was the first time I found myself in the middle of it. Ideas, dreams and ambitions were exchanged and I was amazed that something like this was actually happening here in Singapore. Seeing these passionate people around reinvigorated me. My newfound purpose compelled me to help out in the very project my friend told me about.

Before I knew it, I started volunteering for the other projects headed by the Hidden Good. The people that I have met along the way have really inspired me and I found myself thinking of ways to make living in Singapore a much more enjoyable and welcoming experience. One valuable lesson that I learnt in the Hidden Good was that everyone carries their own baggage and that you can never truly understand the struggles another person might be going through; the best we can do short of unloading their baggage is to be there for one another.

As a result, I have learnt to be much more patient and understanding with other people. With one project down, I am still pretty new to this whole experience. While I am still on my way to be the best person I hope to be, I have definitely changed thanks to the people I have met in the Hidden Good. These people never fail to warm my heart with their intentions, surprise me with their crazy ideas and inspire me through their dedication. Now that university is starting, I can only hope to reflect upon my peers the same qualities the Hoodies reflected upon me when I first came in. Whatever else the future holds for me, I am not too sure; At least I found another place that I can call home.