Society's culture are forever evolving.

My name is Rashidtop and I am a painter. My passion in drawing and painting started ever since my childhood days. People would always feel curious about my method of painting as well as why I chose the topic of culture as my materials. Well, my technique of painting was actually developed through continuous experiments over the years since my school days, with subjects created against backdrops of the Malaysian rustic rural landscape. To me, using oil or watercolour can’t fully bring out the nostalgic “kampung” feel. To me, each artwork is truly a manifestation of my feelings, memories and values. And this pen and ink medium allows me to effectively bring up the feel and value of these scenes.

As we begin to set foot into the future, a lot of the traditional buildings are turned into modern concrete buildings, which is why I intend to capture the old memories and freeze it in a painting before they slowly fade away. Having travelled to multiple countries over the course of my life, I can say that our society’s cultures are forever evolving. It is a complex state of things which represent the lifestyle, values and beliefs of the people, and is further influenced by the environment, physical landscape and climate. These are the elements which fascinate me tremendously. And so, my artistic indulgence is an engaging journey of capturing all these time- withered cultural attributes, hoping to display these beautiful cultures behind every one of my paintings.