Salute to my parents.

Salute to my Parents

Fron the very first day of her pregnancy
I could feel their undying love for me
My mother always sing a lullabye
While my father touching her belly lovingly.

After nine months of waiting
She finally give birth to a wonderful daughter
Tears of joy flowing
Both of them promise to take care of me forever.

It may not easy for my dear parents
But they did everything they could
Problems and trouble tested their patient
Not to give up until success unfold.

Father really work hard
He turns night into day
He keeps himself motivated
And make sure to give my needs.

My father who is a farmer
Rain or shine, he'll continue working
Plowing the field everyday
Success along the way.

My wonderful mother as a housewife
From laundry, cooking, marketing and cleaning
She can manage to do all the things
Although tired, she will never complain.

And now I grow up well
I become a stubborn girl
Never listen to my parents advice
And even forgot to respect elders.

I never care for their feelings
My mother say I will regret everything
Ask me not to wait until its too late
But then I disagree, I disobeyed them.

My parents word has come to my senses
Now that I headed to a wrong road
I made a wrong decision
That put myself into depression.

I asked myself, why I didn't listen
All my parents advice has been forgotten
I regret but I cannot change what happen
My life turn into a mess and broken.

My mistake shattered my life
To recover is really tough
I even think to end my life
But my parents never give up.

They rescued me from being drawn
Lift me up and help me to stand again
Instead of reprimand, they show love
Never scolded me, they hug me instead.

They understand my situation
All they want is my cooperation
For me to overcome my dillusion
Until I find out the right direction.

Thanks to my parents
For staying by my side
Even I treated them bad
They still care, no doubt.

With their help, I slowly catch up
Leaving the past behind.
Intend not to look back
I began to move forward.

Now that I am fully recovered
Get back to the right track again
It's time to give back to my parents
I'll be the one to work and let them rest.

I'm currently in Singapore
Working as domestic worker
As I promise to my dear parents
I will provide everything they need.

I am grateful for having them
They are the best parents I could have
I will not stop nor surrender
Until a good life for them was given.

Being a parents is not an easy role
It takes so much time and courage
That is why I am very thankful
They will always the best in overall.
Rea Maac