Take your time to put other people first before yourself.

The best part of myself is that i like to help others. I spent 5-6 years actively doing charity work for orphanage. I often think of the children as my own family and not a strangers. I went to the orphanage every Saturday and Sunday for more than five years.

When you doing the charity work and interact with children you will need to have a l lot of patience. Handling young children can be very very testing, but it will teach you to become a more patient person. Before involving myself in the charity work I am a shy person. I don't like to interact with other person that i don't know very well. So after doing this charity event I started to gain more confidence and able to communicate better.

I don't think that I helped the orphanage but its they who helped me. I have become a better person ever since i started doing charity. Even now that I have join corporate sector my heart still want to do charity. And I hope that I will have time to do so. I would like to call out people out there to spend their time to helped other people in need because when doing so you will also feel great about yourself.

So, take your time to put other people first before yourself!
S. Thiaga Rajah