Sabrina Goh

Why I started the brand ELOHIM by SABRINAGOH.

“My story of why I started the brand "ELOHIM BY SABRINAGOH"- motto: motivated by dream.

I had a dream to be a fashion designer. Growing up as a draughtsman’s daughter, I was influenced by many architectural drawings and floor plans, and used to help my dad with his works when he was rushing for project deadlines.

Fortunately, I knew what I wanted to do since I was young. This saved time for me to find purposes and ambitions in life. Then, I enrolled myself to LASALLE SIA College of the Arts in 2003 as a fashion design student. But it was not as easy as I thought – doing designs that I love. I tried so hard to fit in and doing designs that I thought were nice but I failed to look into the core and purpose of design, therefore I did badly in all my design subjects. I remember vividly that my design project got an "unsatisfactory" grade during my first semester. Back then, I asked myself if I had signed up into the wrong course, maybe I wasn't good or did not have any talents after all.

There and then, there was a Christian straighter who brought me to church and there I found my source of hope and strength. I started to read the bible and learn about God's words and His creation. I got so inspired and prayed, and asked God for hope and inspiration to do design. I made a wish – if I were to ever start a brand, it will be called ELOHIM.

Miraculously, my next semester, and till the day I graduated, I received distinctions for all my design projects. God is real.

I took a step of faith and started ELOHIM BY SABRINAGOH and left my security as full time fashion designer at M&C in 2008. I was very fortunate to have many opportunities to showcase at prestigious platforms locally and internationally.

As the brand started to gain publicity, we started to receive feedback – the good and the bad. Some of them loved the designs but not the name. There were people questioning about our motive behind using ELOHIM and criticised that we are not worthy of using the name. It started with emails and then post mail. When we had our own physical store, it is even worse that people would confront me face to face. There and then, I struggled with my belief and was shaken because of choosing the name. I questioned myself if it was right that I choose to name my brand Elohim?

However, I realised everything has two sides; there are always people who are for you and there are always people who are against you. I was encouraged that there were people who would tell me that they are so inspired by the brand story and the brand name. But have I ever thought of giving up? Absolutely yes! Even more so during the bad times and rough patches. However I am always reminded of the one who has given me a vision and dream and empowered me to do great things, and the one who strengthens my determination and keeps me motivated.

ELOHIM is very close to my heart. The brand name will not resonate with everyone, and not everyone will believe the same as I do. However where I am and what I do now is only because of Him.”
Sabrina Goh