Salina Jefry

My BFF forever.

My BFF forever...

I still couldn't digest the loss of my dearest BFF Roizam Ismail in year March 2016. The heartache and pain was immensed and still is even though its been 2 years.

We have known each other since we were 11 years old. We were transferred students from other different school and we hit it off instantly. We were also like twinnies fair and cute too hehehee!! And we did almost everything together...

We may had our ups and downs in life but it never stopped from being US. We had our moments our fights, not talking for awhile, share laughter even hugging crying together. Both our homes were like 2nd homes and our parents/siblings treated us the same. We were BFF forever even though we drifted apart after we start working but we never stop caring for each other. When one goes through wounded heart, the other will be there to console. Thats how BFF are and never in the world to think I will lose her. When she was sick I was devastated and I thought she was going to be ok. One week before her passing, I had dream of her smiling at me saying "When u coming to visit me?". as I was so busy at work but kept in touch with her sister of her well being. And one week later i received the most heartwrenching news...I was numb beyond words no tears no emotion when i heard the news. My mum was worried that knowing I looked ok. Deep down I was like an emotional roller coaster wreck crying myself quietly to sleep. It took me months to recover from the pain.

Ive lost my BFF who was like a sister to me who knows me inside out who cares,someone whom I love dearly whom always there to tell me never give up..

I missed u my dearest friend, dearest sister and someone who shared our tears, sorrow, hàppiness ànd fights.

You will always be in my heart. And one day I shall see you again my dear.
Salina Jefry