That fateful early morning when I was awaken by his hand.

It was December 28th 2008. That fateful early morning when I was awaken by his hand. As I turned myself towards him, he hardly could speak, he was slurring and seemed not being able to breathe..I kept my calm, reached the phone and dialled 995.
That moment was stilled as I looked into the ambulance digital clock stating 04.40. He was wheeled into the Critical Care Unit in the A & E and I was left alone, clueless with no idea of what has happened to my husband. About half and hour later, the doctor came out to look for me and I was told that he has a bad Stroke. (Right Basal Ganglia) It took me awhile to actually "sinked" in to what the doctor had told me about his condition.
I have "lost" my usual self hubby - the active, jovial and hardworking man. He wasn't able to move, speak or eat for about two weeks. We kept ourselves vigil next to him, praying hard that he would be well, at least talk to us.
With God's Mercy, he was out of danger within the third week and was put in the rehabilitation ward. It was tough for all of us. He is my pillar of strength, the leader in the family and the sole breadwinner. He left me with so many things to settle on my own, may it be financial, family matters and coping with stress.
It was truly a trying period for us. I was lost, but nonetheless, I thank God for His Blessings to make it happen and with His plans, he is much better today.

Our lives as a family has changed. For the better and we are closer to each other than before.

He is my LOVE and I shall care and cherish his presence till Eternity.
Saliza Rmiln