Sam Mugabe

My heart tells me I will get there.

Moving to Kampala from my remote village in Kanungu a village called Mabare when I was 26 in 2007 was one of the most difficult chapters in my life. I knew why i needed to move but still, I was nervous because everything was new and I didn’t know what’s in store for the future. I had family members who were already staying here in town but still things very tough for me because i wanted to live life on my own and the feelings that i may not be able to see some of my village friends for a couple of years.

I started my first job as a phone booth attendant working on the then public pay phones employed by one of my village friends who came to Kampala before me and I was 26 years and had my share of ups and downs throughout this job that was located in Nankulabye , a Kampala suburb. I saw both victory and defeat and definitely losing airtime cards that were always given to me to sell and things were never easy because every loss i made was counted on me. However, the most devastating moment was when I finally decided that I had to stop working at this phone booth , look for another job because it was not paying at all. Remember well sleeping on empty stomach for nights in a funny room me and my five friends were renting in Kiwunya a place located behind Nakulabye market.

Owning my own company has always been my passion and salvation. Mr Amos Wekesa has always motivated me to become stronger and has inspired me to become the person I am now. The fact that I may not be there yet but i know i will get there my heart tells me.

I am very fortunate that I have my family, friends from the all over the world and the tourism industry who have been supportive of me and helped me move forward after so many years of struggle .I’m generally a very positive person and I’m always open to learning new things. I love simple things like listening to music, traveling/adventure, visiting other countries, and meeting new people, and I’ve always been thankful that a lot of opportunities opened up for me – all because of my love for Tourism.

CEO Mabare Tours & Travel
Sam Mugabe