I want the knowledge of PR to save person's lives!

Having a scroll in public relations, I promised myself to really use my knowledge helping others on what I know best. Sometimes doing PR consultation is not cheap. When I had 5 years of experience of doing PR, I made a company out of my knowledge helping small business especially any community projects that needs to be heard out there.
There are some stories and projects that are so wonderful and not everyone knows about it. I want to help these people to maximize their audience via public relations and media relations. I want to get the stories to be heard via mass media such as magazine and newspaper.
For example, I had one client, her name is Puan Zaiton. She have a breast cancer stage 4 and twist the disease as an opportunity to make her life meaningful to others instead of having a break down. She opened an academy dedicated to help youngsters to join airlines customer service department such as cabin crew and help them to see the light in their life. These are some of the students who did have the opportunity to further their studies in universities and being look down by other people. She is really genuinely wanted to help these kids in extra mile she have.
She told me the cancer is an 'Anugerah' from Allah, and not everyone get this kind of gift.

So I helped her, to get her news to be out there via media relations. I helped her to get media coverage to let the public know her inspiring stories.

I want the knowledge of PR to save person's lives!
Sam Syadeed Samat