Depression is not the end of the road.

Hi my name is Sashikumar and I have clinical depression. To cut my long story short of how I became clinically depressed. I grew up with an alcoholic father who tend to be abusive when he drinks. I was also sexually abused as a child, leaving out the gory details. Having made my declaration my story is not one of despair or hopelessness. Let me share with you my journey as a normal person living with depression.
I was diagnose 10 years ago with this disorder and when I was told that there is not cure or even worst society was going to look at me like I am some kind of nut, I was devastated and I did not know what to do. When I was diagnose I was in my prime age trying to make a living for myself. The doctors could not get the doses right and I was struggling to keep a focus mind at work or life. It did look hopeless at that time, because I was told that if I did not take the same doses I was not going to get better. I was also hospitalized for monitoring in a mental hospital during the peak of my depression. It was clear to me at that time it was a fight to live a normal life. I could not take criticism well, as that made my symptoms worst. Thus making me shy away from people and some family members who were critical of me. I became an anti-social person who could not face people because I was completely embarrassed of what I have become. I tried to take my life a couple of time. But what it really was is me crying out for help as I did not know what to do.
When I reached out I was fortunate to have support from close family members and close friends who did not see me as a nut but a person who is struggling with a real mental issue. Every time I fall I had a friend, family or sometimes even strangers giving moral support to pick me up. Most of them at the beginning did not know or understand what I was going through. But when they saw that I was not pretending and my struggle was real they decided to help me fight my depression. I just had to stay alive and face my life with all that fear and anxiety hanging over me. With this support system I had, I went on to complete my degree and some other professional certification and go on to complete difficult tasks in my job and somehow live a normal functional life with some defects here and there. I am not saying I am a success story that everyone should follow. Life maybe be different for everyone facing depression or knowing someone who is facing depression. What I am saying is that depression is not the end of the road and life does not need
Sashikumar Karunagharan