To succeed you cannot work alone.

Being a woman and working in an uniformed organization with a high authority is a big challenge. Why? This is because men and women tend to perceive that you will not be able to make wise decisions, weak and meek. On the contrary, given such a situation, the surrounding makes you a stronger person and having a positive outlook as well as the determination to persevere. You have to believe in yourself and for every problem you are faced with there are solutions. I never believe in giving up, focus, plan and strategize your steps. You must remember to succeed you cannot work alone. You must find ways for your colleagues to work with you. How? Motivate, influence and to certain extent play along to their tunes. Believe me you will get a team who understands you and want to do their best to achieve and realize your goals. Maintain and reward your team players for continuity.
Sasikala Devi Subramaniam