He is always the warmest suprise.

I have a very special friend. I use the word special because it’s the word to which most people will relate but special doesn’t really capture what he means to me. From the moment I met him, I believed him. He is a favourite to me and I to him. A beautiful reciprocity. In this world, with its unknown spaces, unfairnesses and small abuses, he is always the warmest surprise, a sudden melting, fairness, hearing, sweetness in accounting and soul-shaking laughter. In knowing him, I have faced the good things in myself. He hollered my name in echoing hallways. He sat with me in a shady café and said, “I don’t think I’ve ever told you how much you mean to me…” When it was time to move to new pastures, he encouraged me to shout out my happiness with giant horns. He told me I was brave, when my teeth chattered with uncertainty. He is the finder of small miracles, speaker of deepest humanity, graceful , honest and humble. And through the tenure of our friendship I have watched with pride and excitement as his light is spread through the world, standing beside him, always favourites. As his success grows and his outlook broadens, still we are here. He still lets me love him and believes me back. He is the best of me.
Seanna Takacs