Love comes in the form of faith and trust.

Straits Times : 仕豪 – (Rise-Couples-Who-Split-Within-Five-Years )

I don’t really encourage or advice young couple to divorce. ( Think Twice Before Act )

Love doesn’t come so easily for both of you and must treasure what you have – ( Truth Love )

Love comes in the form of faith and trust. I believe that both of you know each other for a period of time: - feeling, understand, emotion, share, tolerate, sacrifice, compromise, beauty and love…and so on. ( DON’T FORGET: MONEY CAN’T BUY LOVE = That’s for SURE ! )

You both agree before issuing and agreeing ( Marriage Certificate ) – To take care of each others in term of difficulties during bad or good times for LIFE - ( By Law, Parents and Friends as well as Witnesses)

Things happen: don’t always think of the other party is at fault. First, think and reflect on yourself on what you had done or why did the other party want to divorce you. This shall not happen even there are problems arising and need to sit down and talk nicely to solve by both of you or even including of parents. (DIVORCE).

If both parties are faithful, there won’t be a breakdown of marriage.

I married since ( 1983 ) and I have never though of divorcing my wife until today ( 2014 ). If things went wrong, I will think what I have done wrong and not my (Wife) to blame? Even earlier on, I have a very good lovely girl-friend colleague with me and she takes care of me very well, I can only put her in my memories. I will promise my wife (1st and last) for my rest of LIFE!

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