Other people matter.

I spent many years living in and travelling to some places when younger I didn't think I would be able to see. Many times stories were told how bad and unwise the outside world could be. And many times, probably because of the young age, I would do the bad and unwise things as well, hurting many people along the way. It was time to do the wise thing. The experiences has thought me many things about other people. I learned that to be who you are, never forget what you are, where you came from, the people who matters most. The purpose. Other people matters. Think about other people first. To be happy, for me, is to have others shares your happiness. Make others happy, by as simple as smiling to others. Never forget to say thank you. Never forget to be grateful, for every little things and others. Anyway, there may be many more words left to say, but sometimes, the best things in life are not meant to be said, or worst, shared in the social media! Be kind, and kindness will always be with you. Oh, love animals, too!
Sham Ahim