Sharul Imran

I thank God who has led me to what I am now.

My dad has exposed me to music since i was 5 years old and sent me to piano classes to learn them. I have never thought what i would become in the future or doing what for living because no one have ever explain to me about potential and life goals. My first public performance was at 13 years old in the Malacca High School assembly. I played two songs of grade 5 pieces. At 14 years old i became interested at playing guitar and started to learn it from my friend. That time i have stopped going to piano classes.

After SPM, I thought that becoming and engineer is my life goal. But i was wrong, i didn't manage to finish my studies on engineering. And that time i was lost but all i wanted is to continue studies. Then i got into ITM Shah Alam to learn Polymer Technology and kept on practising guitar, jamming and doing performances at the University. Then i got into Nitrus Band.. we made 2 singles under Posse Record, NSR and one of the song called Better Days had made the band won the AIM Award as the Best Promising New Artiste 2002. Sickness got into me and i had to quit the band. i finish my degree in IT then i started to take education course to become a teacher. I became a teacher for 9 years but never had stop learning and playing music. During that time i started to produce my own song by myself and manage to record two songs. It was my own first single and i was very happy to achieve it.

Then at the age of 40 i had to quit from the Education system but my dreams as a musician has never died and decided to become full time musician and started doing busking. I feel so happy and content to become a full time musician which is doing what i love to do. And realize this is my life goal and my dreams doing music full time. i really appreciate what my parents have provided me and thank God who has lead me to what i am now.

This is what i am now a busker, a musician and an artist and still i have songs to produce. I'm taking my time now doing what i love to do. Hope everything goes well for the rest of my life.
Sharul Imran