Uncovering the hidden good in our society.

I joined The Hidden Good spontaneously about a year ago, and it’s been such a unique mix of events and personalities that I’ve never regretted my decision. I still remember looking at the Facebook page and deciding that this social organisation seemed so passionate, and believed so strongly in what they did and what they stood for – Uncovering the hidden good in our society. And so did I. With THG, I’ve joined several activities, going to Pulau Ubin to rediscover the kampong life in a modern setting, playing an innovative game called Broomball, bringing the Good Ol’ Days to the neighbourhoods, going on a trail to discover the community of Toa Payoh. And we dream up big ideas too – creating a pop-up beach in schools to encourage youths to talk about their dreams, having a game show in the HDB lift, organising audio flash mobs involving thousands of strangers.

But above all, the life and soul of THG is really in the people. From young secondary school students to working adults, us Hoodies come from all walks of life, and we probably don’t really have much in common with each other before we joined. But we all share that quiet passion and fire to want to do just a bit more for our Singapore.

As a person, I’ve grown too. Through interacting with so many youths through all these events and social experiments, I’ve come to appreciate just how powerful youths can be. Cause we not only dream big dreams but we make them happen, too. I challenged myself to be more accepting, more patient with others, more open to different opinions and more loving. Finding more of the hidden good that is within me.

The Hidden Good is about exploring the possibilities, blurring the boundaries between people, and finding ways for society to connect again. But most of all, I believe this organisation is about the power of youths changing the world one big and unimaginable dream at a time. My name is Sherilyn, and I’m proud to be part of The Hidden Good. Will you join us?