Sienny Yong

I only called myself a self-taught artist.

Since young, I love to draw/ doodle. I remembered when I was young, I enjoyed various fashion shows on tv, then I will doodle all kinds of the fashion designs as a “little fashion designer” so called at that time. sad that my mum didn't keep any of my childhood doodles, else I would have own more of my little artist memories from my childhood.

But don't know since when I have stopped drawing/ doodling for years. I do not study art instead I studied accountancy as my mum wished. So, I only called myself a self-taught artist.
I started to draw again and would like to share my drawing passion in my blog I love drawing/ doodling because it will make me calm, relax and enhance my creativity. My favourite doodle style is detailed ink art. I have participated in some art collaborations/ art projects including mural art/ joined art exhibitions/ art bazaars etc. It's not easy to earn a living with just my art passion, so I still keep my full time job to support my art passion. All the time after work of weekdays and the weekends are for my art passion. Sometimes I do art for charity reason without fee, but my satisfactions gained from the art appreciations from people who enjoy and like my artworks. A simple compliment on my artworks will make me a happy day.
I enjoy my art passion even with low fee as long as my name is quoted on my artworks/ published on the art projects participated. By allowing the artist’s signature on their artworks is a form of respect to the artist who prepared the artworks in particular for hand drawn art. This is because it is original art piece by the artist and there will not be a second same original piece, except you reprint from the original.

~~Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up~~ Picasso
I also teach kids expressive art workshops on a part time basis. I wish to enhance the kids' expressive and creativity through art. I am trying my best to keep kids’ creativity through art to express themselves and at the same time to urge parents to appreciate their kid’s creativity in their artworks. Kids shouldn't being force to do art just to win contests etc.

I wish in near future, I am able to own a dessert cafe with my drawing passion as decoration. Everyone that visit my cafe can enjoy dessert and drawing in their own way to relax : )
Sienny Yong