Sisters of Sarah

Going Solo

It was a small nasi padang shop.
She sat across the aisle.
The edges
of her nose a plowed field
quietly patched.

Only a hint of tired red
Seeped thru. Dry,
Against the weight
of his gaze, septic
As he leaned in,
subtley searching her face
for a hint or a reason
to raise his hand,
yet again.

her face, a broken field of dreams.
her wedding ring with no room
to manoeuvre. flesh had lodged it
in its place.

lips meant for love,
bruised and ballooned.
A swollen patch the size of his fist,
Had left its mark
on that chin
meant for kissing.
his grip clenched thick and strong.

as his wife got up,
placing a slow hand on waist,
my eyes leaned in on him.
wondering how this brute
could only now, sheepishly
bite his lip.

he left as she paid the bill.
strutting his little alpha,
triumphant she would follow.
in his parade,
he left his cap behind.

I picked it up and contemplated
Burning it.
but quickly realized, I now had an in.

“Kak, you left this behind.”
she turned to me surprised,
as I gently touched her elbow.
the shades were back on, but
did not hide the sudden big smile,
the cheerful voice that hugged me
“Aduuu, terimah kasih sayang!!!!”

I looked at her, smiled, nodding back.
My hand stayed, and only went
up and down her arm.
Silent, helpless,
wishing I could,
hug her back.
Sisters of Sarah

Sisters of Sarah is a story series in collaboration with The Best of You movement, born from the lives of some truly incredible women Sarah Pang, a Singaporean professional tennis player, met while travelling the world playing Tour. This project is an overture to helping one another realise that there are deeper dimensions to people than just the jobs they do.