I've lost 3 person in a row with a blink of an eye.

MYSELF. nama aku Tina. im one of the medical student in one of the top IPT in kuala lumpur. so senang cerita siapa yang inspired aku in my life is me. why? sebab we need our own strength when we fall hardly and no one is gonna help you. i've lost 3 persons in a row dalam sekelip mata je. first is my one and only grandma. aku tak pernah rasa grandma's love since i was a kid. but on 2013 when she's sick, no one yang tolong jaga dia but i did. i did took care of her till her last breath end. at that time aku rasa bersyukur sangat and ada pepatah 'nenek mana yang tak sayang cucu'. walaupun nenek aku seorang yang berada tapi aku tak pernah ambil kesempatan atas dia. on 25 august 2013, doctor sahkan dia dah meninggal dunia and dia wasiatkan aku semua hartanya pada aku. i was crying so hard like a little baby at that time. ok, cerita kedua, Dean. Dean bestfriend aku. kitorang kenal since 2009. Dean ni umpama lelaki perfect 10. but unfortunately, dia dah takde. lol. on 29 august 2013 dia disahkan meninggal dunia akibat cancer leukimia. he confessed his feelings towards me atas katil Hospital Sultanah Aminah and gave me a ring. he kept the ring for a long time. and guess what? that was a proposal ring yang dia dah lama simpan. dia batalkan niat dia untuk proposed me after dia disahkan menghidap cancer leukimia tahap 3. so for the third story ni pasal ex bf aku. ROFL! nama dia Wayne Lim. we've been together since 2011 till 2015. on 31 august 2015 he suddenly disappeared just like that. he left me hanging while dia hidup bahagia dengan perempuan lain. he left me for one year without any good bye. and now. i took almost 3 months to gain my own strength after i'm losing 3 persons i loved the most in row. masa aku hilang mereka semua, i got on one beside me. i became antisocial with surrounding. but then aku berjaya kembalikan my strength to continue my life and become a doctor someday. if God willing.
the end.....
Siti Fitrina