Siti Hawa

Practise a quality time management with family.

There was always a turning point to everyone to become what they need in life, not so much about what they want that matters. As for being the eldest among 10 siblings. It is a hardship journey to go through from childhood experience until getting older with a mother that growing her needs for attention more everyday.

The social life is very limited for the eldest, because the time are spent for others, for the family. The eldest always have the differences and understanding about life and opportunity that they have and move forward faster. The eldest must sacrifice more their social time to be where they want to be. Always aims high for a role model for the little brothers and sisters.

At a point of time, the eldest lost touch and senses of family time due to focusing, growing and developing what's in the hand. Forget what matters in the heart.

If you are an eldest brother or sister, be intelligent to watch and said the right word, the good right word that have plentiful of thoughts. Be in the motion of time to smile and sit together to talk about the past. Grab your brother sister get-together time to improve your well-being and life. Don't leave your siblings behind and chasing the future that is not certain, chasing a future because of social media stress.

Now, I always stop-lookback-check-moveagain. I'm sharing my journey with each everyone of you who have big family. Treasure the journey of time, treasure it emotinally, then you will understand the value. Practise a quality time management with family.
Siti Hawa