My life is being happy with all my family.

my life is being happy with all my family. i am the third siblings of my family and i am grateful to have siblings that believe or have a courage in me to live my own life. although there is so many hardship in my life but i am always keeping it cool and made myself clear that to solve the problem before my families know about it.

all through my life been keeping it down and secret to them but now not anymore because now i knew that family is the place for me share everything that i have in mind.sometimes i felt grateful that i live in a perfect condition family does not matter if the problem is big or small i will try solve it just for my family to be happy and harmony again. even my family are not rich or as proud as others but we have all of us together to keep us happy.

Friends also keeping me alive towards anything that come over my way for an example when i had studies problem they are the one that help me through every subject until i made it through the whole semester. without them i won't be passed through out my semester. Plus, they are the one that help me when i was struggle to do some of assignments. Last but not at least, without them i could not survive my live in childhood, teenagers, and now more becoming to an adulthood world including my parents are the most important thing in my life because without them there won't be me in this world.
Sofea Zawawi