I met him by chance.

More than 10 years ago, I met him by chance.

I didn't see him at first, but I often heard Dad mention him. At that time, his impression was only his father's business partner.

He was a successful entrepreneur and the chairman of the alumni association at Peifeng Middle School.
In school, I often hear negative comments on the campus: self-centered, arrogant. At that time, I was a cloud, thinking that he should be a big boss who doesn't understand the world.

Often, on the weekends, Dad will receive a call from his father, and invite his father to visit his home to chat. On several occasions, I was dragged away.
A few bosses' business, political papers, for me, this kind of yellow-haired girl, in addition to stuffy, more impatient.

Many times their conversations have changed the environment, teachers, and problems of the culture. The question that I have been asked for the longest is: Do you think that the wind is good? Where can I improve? Where is it bad?
As an ordinary middle school student, my answer is very official: very good, very good, try to get yourself out of focus.
In the six years of Peifeng, nothing else, the greening of the environment is the most significant change I have seen. As long as you can plant trees and grow flowers, you will never leave a blank. At that time, my impression of this big boss began to change. He is a very serious alumnus who contributed to Peifeng Middle School.

It may be a relationship that often mixes together. My father has also become a green-loving person, demanding perfection, learning hard, and becoming love to share the truth of life with us.

After graduating from college, I came back to help my father. When he met him, he said to me: It is very easy to make money in business. It is very easy. But if you are a big business, it will be hard.

After visiting Julie's factory, I understood. Doing business is like choosing a tool. Each tool can help you make a small amount of money. The company is a cultural team. Not everyone has the tools to turn the culture into a team. And he, did it, and did a very good job, can only say: to the fullest.

Until now, my father often said that he was very grateful to him in his father's life. Because he does not share and guide, Dad will continue to improve and become better.

Thank you, History Director.
Thank you for your contribution to Pei Feng. Thank you for indirectly guiding my father's attitude, which also affects my attitude towards life, human affairs, social responsibility, and so on.

Pei Feng has a happy director, and we are fortunate to have the opportunity to communicate with you. Thank you!
宋 淑莹