My children are my greatest inspiration.

3 years ago I was diagnosed with an infectious disease called Necrotizing Fasciitis ( Flesh eating bacteria ) that infected my right thigh. Being a medical doctor who served as a Medical officer in surgical department , I knew very well what the disease means . 75% of the cases diagnosed with NF will die due to the disease and 25% will required amputation of the infected limb .
I knew there were many factors not in my favour . Giving up all hope I decide to go home to spend the last few days with my children . I mademe realize how much less time I had spent with them . When I am gone , I will leave no fond memories . I decide to make the best of the timeI have with my family waking up everyday hoping to wake up on another day .
My family became my inspration and I went on to save my limb and in 6 weeks was able to walk again . Today I am completely healed with just a scar. I did not realize this is where my new life has began with a new journey .
Every 30 sec a limb is amputated somewhere in the world . It is believed that by the year 2025 , there will be 2.6 million people in Malaysia would have lost their limbs due to Diabetic Foot and Necrotizing Faciitis . My near experince of losing my limbs made me realize how much we lack in Advance Wound Care .
This year I have joined a team of experts to embark on the journey to save and prevent amputation . Over more than 50 patients have been saved from amputation till today .
My children are my greatest inspiration . They changed my life and I change other people life .

From : Dr.Sreedharan Muniandy,
Advance Wound Repair
Sozoluz Clinic
Sreedharan Muniandy