He reflects the best of me and my hero dad.

Looking back at the younger years in life with my single parented dad that has been a great mentor that also has given me lots of courage to be who I am today at the age of 22 I decided to be a single mum to my child due to physical abuse and mistreatment. All the ladies out there it's always hard to stand up and have the courage to raise your child on your own but remember what's best for your child is a healthy environment that money can't buy. It doesn't mean being a single parent is harmful to your child but what makes them who they are is what they see daily. I will never want them to feel any negativity in a place I call home. Stand up and show the best of you.

Being a single mum that has been criticised by the community that I am surrounded with has given me a lot of courage to ignore the society by seeing my little boy grow that has taught me a lot on how my dad has struggled to take care of three children on his own with a very low pay but he has never failed to give us guidance and be there for us when we are in need. We don't need luxury but all we need is his support. Knowingly I got pregnant at a very young age he has never said anything negative but all his encouraging words melted my heart straightaway.

Life is tough that's what people always say somehow what makes me stronger is when God has given all challenges to make me who I am today. Being the sole supporter of the household has kept my energy going to strive for more. The goal is keeping the fire burning is the only way to make me feel that I have fulfilled my task but we know that nothing is ever enough I will always try to push the limits to ensure they get the best out of me.

What keeps me motivated everyday is to see my 8 year old son grow stronger and independent each day as he reflects the best of me and my hero dad. My dad has never failed to tell me to be generous and kind to everyone even my worse enemy as he says their existence will make you stronger because they have left you scars to heal and stand up to be a better you. Always look at the mirror daily as it will reflect a positive effect in you knowing each and every day your smile gets wider as nothing can bring you down due to all the hardship that you have gone through. When I look back and see what I am today I never regret to shine the best of me and give words on encouragement to all ladies out there if I can you can do it too.
Stephanie Voon