I never let my past experience determines my future.

Forgiving myself then others-I was in incarceration from 2013-14 for a stupid mistake in my life,as a matter of fact I am still on parole till end of this year.During these two years of Self-Reflection and Re-Prioritization,I have learned to find my own True Meaning in Life and a Purpose for Living. Through embarking on Self Motivation & Discovery,I slowly began to FIND Myself & begin to accept and embrace myself for who I really am.Suddenly,I became a 'FREE' Individual in terms of How I feel and behave as a Human Being.By being 'FREE',in pursuit of my Purpose in Life,I had learned about Self-Awareness, Perseverance,Determination,Self-Discipline & Compassion for myself and others.
Moving forward,to live a Life Renewed & Re-Energized, the act of Forgiving myself has a Positive Impact in my life since 2015.While I am still on Yellow Prison Project Rehabilitating and Reintegrating back into society,I am proud to share that I have also achieved milestones in my life too. For e.g., I have managed to purchased my own Resale 3Room Flat in the east area(Fully paid with Central Providence Fund). Secondly,with the help from the government, I am able to register myself(Self-funded) for a (Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment) course which I will be completing in Oct. This academic platform enables me to pursue further my Direction in Life - Be a Trainer/Coach to enable, encourage, empower and enlighten every individual I touch for the rest of my life. Interestingly, I also discovered another Interest & Passion in life - to be a Curriculum Developer where I enjoyed developing training programs and materials in my Subject of Expertise - i.e. Sales & Marketing,Management cum Motivation. Hence, I am enjoying my road into Re-Discovering who I am and what things I could do in life which I never knew. Next, I am able to Confidently position myself in the current company as a Value Added employee by Going the Extra Mile in my roles and responsibilities not taking my past stigma as a hindrance.
In short, I am very humbled to share that the Best of Me is discovered during my 'Wrath of Transformation' while serving my incarceration. Even though I am tinted with a stigma, but I never let my Past experience determines my future. I had learned to forgive myself and as a result, I am forgiving others along the way. The world now is so different and peaceful when I can be who I am. Hence, I am sharing my story as an ex-offender, inmate but I am living myself as WHO I AM and living the present moment to prepare for a brighter future for me.
I hope my story shared could touch and help you to reflect on how blessed and contended we can be.
Being who we are truly to ourselves is really the best of ourselves for being who we are...Think and Reflect upon it.