Subramanian Manik Andan

My parents.

My parents are the best of me. I work for my parents to send money to them in India. Every month I send money there. I spend on food expenses, phone expenses. I earn monthly thousand dollars. I spend minimum two hundred dollars on living expenses. So balance money I send to my family.

I’m not married. I have one sister. My family living conditions are very poor, so that’s why I come here.

I have been in Singapore for two years. The rules and regulation, the people, Singapore atmosphere is very nice. I feel respected.

The challenges I face is the working place. Inside, working is all hard work. Sometimes sleeping not enough, sometimes makan times very hard to have, sometime lunchtime 2 o’clock or 3 o’clock.

I call my parents minimum two days a week. When I have free time, surely must call my parents. I hope to go back India to look for them.

But actually now my situation is marriage. Now my parents looking for suitable partners. So after confirm, I go back. My future wife say what, I do what. If this girl say okay, I will go. But some girl say no lah, don’t go and work in Singapore, stay in India. So I don’t know. If the girl say okay, I will continue to work here.
Subramanian Manik Andan